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New words coined post-1950

Posted in Uncategorized by aggslanguage on October 14, 2007

n. Personal Trainer- exactly as it suggests, a person hired to help with fitness. Used due to an increase in the media about personal health and fitness, more positions for such people, therefore a name was coined for the new job role. 

n. The Pill- used as slang for birth control pills, originates 1960 due to stigmas about contraception and having to keep it quiet, as it is an ambiguous term.  

n. Pooper- scooper- an instrument used to remove animal excrement, first used in 1975. An example of broadening as it was first used as a brand name. 

n. Pruno- an alcoholic drink made by prison inmates, so called as it is made from prunes or raisins fermented with sugar. Blend of prune and the colloquial term ‘wino’ for an alcoholic. First used 2006. 

n. Psycho-killer- blend of psychotic and killer. Used due to influences of media in today’s society, quite emphatic like a headline in a paper. 

n. Radge- a crazy, wild or violent person, originates from a Scottish informal for rage. Used originally as slang and incorporated into general language through fashion. 

n. Retronym- Blend of retro- and –onym used to specify a more modern version of something which has been around for a while eg. Acoustic guitar instead of guitar. Used due to advances in technology. 

n. Router- a piece of computer equipment that handles message transfers. First used in 2002 due to advancements in telecommunication technology. 

n. Reggaeton- a type of music formed from combining signature elements from reggae, Latin American music and rap. First used in early 1990s due to fashions in music changing. Example of derivation/ affixing. 

n. Rave- a dance party that lasts all night where electronically synthesized music is played and often hallucinogenic drugs are taken. First used 1989, transferred perhaps from the idea of verb ‘to rave’ used first in 1374 “to show signs of madness or delirium,” 

n. Quark- A soft creamy cheese from central Europe made from whole milk. First used in 1989 due to the discovery and widespread of the food.

adj. Queer- colloquial term for homosexuals, transgenders and bisexuals first used in 1980, however it is often deemed offensive. Probably first adopted by heterosexuals to describe homosexuals as being different to them. Example of perjoration. 

n. Quidditch- a mythical sport invented by author JK Rowling in her Harry Potter books. Added to the dictionary in 2005 due to the popularity of the books, and the common knowledge of what it is.

By Sophia Miles 13-6


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