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Posted in Uncategorized by aggslanguage on October 30, 2007

 MCJOB, n. A job in a service related field with low pay, low prestige and little opportunity for advancement [analogous word formed from prefix Mc- and job ]. 

MOTO, n. Energy for action toward a goal; motivation. [clipping of “motivation”]

MEANDERTHAL, n. An annoying individual moving slowly and aimlessly in front of another individual who is in a bit of a hurry [blend formed from meander and neanderthal ].

 METROSEXUAL      noun [blending]
a heterosexual male with a strong interest in fashion, appearance and other lifestyle characteristics traditionally associated with women

MINT [broadening]

Used to refer to something as good. ‘That film was mint’

 MIGRATE verb [I,T] technical /ma gre t/ [broadening]
to begin using a different system, or to move information from one system or format to another.

MOCKBUSTER n. A low-budget movie with a title and plot similar to a current blockbuster film. [Blending of mock and blockbuster.] 

NETIZEN, n. A person who spends an excessive amount of time on the Internet. [blending of Internet and citizen]. 

OBESOGENIC (also obesegenic)     adjective
likely to cause someone to become excessively fat


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