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Words from last 50 years D, E, F

Posted in Uncategorized by aggslanguage on February 14, 2008

D, E, F

 Technology, fashion, society, politics, PC etc.  


DATE RAPE-An incidence of forced sexual intercourse by one of two individuals after an initial social encounter, usually a date [compound formed with roots date and rape.·        Due to changes into modern society DETOX, n. A clinic or treatment facility at which substance abusers attempt to rid themselves of dependency on a particular drug. Part of this process entails the actual physical removal of toxins present in the body due to the abuse of a substance·        Clipping of detoxification·        Healthcare and technology has greatly improved  






EMOTICON, n. A symbol, usually found in e-mail messages, made up of punctuation marks that resembles a human expression. [Blend of emotion and icon]


EAR-WIGGER– neologism



FANTABULOUS, adj. beyond fabulous. [blend of fantastic and fabulous]

  • Slang term

 FRO-YO, n. A frosty, creamy dessert; frozen yoghurt. Clipping of frozen yoghurt


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