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MSN Conversation Analysis

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Emily  says:


megan; says:

HEY YOUUUUUUUUU ……………………… extended and typed in capitals for emphasis

megan; says:

how you doin? .… Elipses and contractions for typing speed, possibly a reference to Budweiser ad

Emily  says:

haha wth is that face??

Emily  says:

yeh yeh im good yourself?

megan; says:

hahahah yeeeeesss i’m fantastic

megan; says:

that’s my bezzie that face  ………..… slang term for best friend, both participants have shared knowledge of this

Emily  says:


Emily  says:

GUESS WHO IS GOING NEW YORKKKK!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?! ..Capitals and over use of  punctuation for emphasis

megan; says:

SSSSSSSEEEEERIOUUUUUUUSSSSSSSSSSS?!?!?1 …apparent ambiguity, both parties know the                               person involved

Emily  says:


Emily  says:

CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!! im saving up already

Emily  says:

serious shopping!

megan; says:

OOOOOOOOMGGGGGGGGGG YOU’RE GONNA AHVE SO MUCH FUN!!!  …. Anagram of “oh my god”, “gonna” = abbreviation, shared knowledge of slang terms

Emily  says:

hahaha im so excited!!!  ………………………………… over use of ! and has ignored typo above

megan; says:

so am i

Emily  says:

ill bring you something back  …………..…. Misses out ’  in “ill”, lack of formal grammar shows informality

megan; says:

the fact that i know how much of a good time you’ll have

megan; says:

it’s gonna be amazing hahahaa   …………… onomatopoeic “hahahaa” shows laughter and joy

Emily  says:

so where have you been!?!? havent seen you in ages!!    ………………… topic change

megan; says:

I KNOW       …………………… capitals show agreement

megan; says:

i have literlally

megan; says:

been at home

megan; says:

not even joking hahaa ..…What could have been said in one turn is split into three, thought of more to say

Emily  says:

oh welllllllll, im pretty much the same

megan; says:

yes but your house is beautiful

megan; says:


megan; says:

not so  much

Emily  says:

haha yours IS beautiful   ….… capitals for emphatic stress

megan; says:


Emily  says:

haha you too

megan; says:

omg ahhaha    …………….…. Creates anticipation for next message

megan; says:

check this mashup  ………………..colloquial, slang  term

megan; says:


Emily  says:

haha……. why the hell do you find all these?

Emily  says:

do like spenf your life on youtube?         ………………….hyperbole

megan; says:

hahaha noo i’m barely on it hahaha       

Emily  says:

sure ………………………… sarcastic but friendly tone

megan; says:


megan; says:

oh emily i love you







catherine. says:


catherine. says:


catherine. says:


rw x            believe, beauty, boop says:

SO MUCH FUNNNNN. omg the a&f models blow my mmmmmmmmmmmmind theyre so fine

catherine. says:

did you get a picture with one

rw x            believe, beauty, boop says:

yes hahaha

catherine. says:


catherine. says:

how was cousineys play

rw x            believe, beauty, boop sent 01/03/2009 18:35:

yeah tht was amazing bt wierddddd BUTT i met the cast and things which was good

catherine. says:


rw x            believe, beauty, boop says:

like some of the stuff she had to do

rw x            believe, beauty, boop says:

how was home

catherine. says:

home was aite

catherine. says:

bit boring

catherine. says:

and stuff

catherine. says:


catherine. says:


catherine. says:


catherine. says:

i swear on my life its just this week has ben coursework mental

rw x            believe, beauty, boop sent 01/03/2009 18:43:


catherine. says:

i do i do

catherine. says:


rw x            believe, beauty, boop says:


catherine. says:





Zakky says: (18:02:00)

hey sam 🙂


Sam says: (18:02:09)

hey zak 🙂


Zakky says: (18:02:17)

how r u?


Sam says: (18:02:36)

im good

just eating some yummified crisps 😛



Zakky says: (18:02:53)

yeah, gdgd,

hungry now tho 😦


Zakky says: (18:02:56)



Sam says: (18:03:44)

awww toddle off and get some food then 🙂

lmao oh yeah xD

and nothing much just chilling and what not



Zakky says: (18:04:07)

watching top gear lol.  i have so much of a life!!


Zakky says: (18:04:16)

ooh guess what, i found my ipod!


Zakky says: (18:04:49)

well, kate did.


Sam says: (18:05:23)

yeah but top gear rocks!!!

and where was it?


Zakky says: (18:05:46)

…in the middle of my duvet, like inside the cover lol.  :S idiot me.

Sam says: (18:06:00)

lmao! how the hell did you manage to get it there? :S


Sam says: (18:06:07)

and not notice it!


Zakky says: (18:06:24)

god knows lol. xD happy tho, this wkend rawks


Zakky says: (18:06:57)

hows charlie?


Sam says: (18:07:50)

awww bless

as strange as normal… he’s mutilated a teddy bear all over the living room and did something really funny to jim i shall explain later 😛


Zakky says: (18:08:03)



Zakky says: (18:08:21)

btw, u wer right, that group rocks.  CHARLIE UNICORN ftw!!


Sam says: (18:08:35)

Inoo :D:D

you watched the second?


Zakky says: (18:08:56)

not yet lol. keep meanin to, but yah


Sam says: (18:09:13)

watch it is so so so funny!


Zakky says: (18:09:31)

lmao i want a charlie the unicorn shirt.


Sam says: (18:10:04)

buy one then you retard 😛


Zakky says: (18:10:25)

😛 just cuz i is a retard.  ok, that’s it I’M GETTING ONE!!!


Sam says: (18:10:37)

YAY!!!! 😀


Zakky says: (18:11:02)

lol, so how is jimmy boy?


Sam says: (18:11:29)

he’s amazing :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Zakky says: (18:11:43)

ayaya xD im so happy for ya!


Sam says: (18:12:23)

yay thanks 🙂

we were talkin bout stuff the other night and lewis had said something bout it being long term and i told jim and he was like yeah a year at least i hope i was like 😀


Zakky says: (18:12:24)

“noooo, fugu!”


Sam says: (18:12:30)



Zakky says: (18:12:52)

fugu fish.  im watching unicorn 2


Sam says: (18:13:15)

lmao! innit amazing xD


Zakky says: (18:13:19)

lol yesh.  


Zakky says: (18:13:33)

that’s rlly good tho, goin back abit


Zakky says: (18:13:35)

*a bit


Sam says: (18:13:55)

haha thanks 🙂


Zakky says: (18:14:59)

Anyway i rlly shud go 4 tea. Staaaaaaaarvin!!   


Zakky says: (18:15:04)

byebye xxxxxxxxxxxx ly


Zakky says: (18:15:30)

chooo shoooo!!


Zakky says: (18:15:48)

put a banana into your ear!


Sam says: (18:15:50)

byee xxxxxxxxxxxxx





A says:


A says:

u k?

B says:

Yeh im kool

A says:

hw was college?

B says:

Im makin pan-kakes

A says:

lol bless ya

B says:

Its was better 2 day

A says:

gd gd 😀

B says:

Cudnt hav dun it without ya

B says:

Unoo our lil chat yday

A says:

its k u no am ere 4 u weneva u need me

A says:

i went 2 meet up witha guy 2day 🙂

B says:


B says:


B says:

Howww did it gooo

A says:

it was gd

B says:

& whoo is heee

A says:

he taught me how 2 play pool n i discovered am realli rubbish

A says:

its zeb, he goes parrswood

A says:

i’ve known him 4 yrs

B says:

Ohhh yhhh

A says:

but we jus decided 2 link n stuff 2day

B says:

I memberr him

A says:


A says:

he’s sooo sweet tho

A says:

even ma sister liked him

B says:


B says:

Anywayss hunn ama bouncee

A says:

kk chat 2 u soon

A says:

love u

A says:


B says:

Lovee u

B says:



A says:

hw was college?

A begins by introducing a topic the participants have shared knowledge of. This gives them equal power in the conversation. It also shows her concern for B. Both these things will make B feel good. Therefore A’s utterance is polite.


A says:

its k u no am ere 4 u weneva u need me

A says:

i went 2 meet up witha guy 2day

A acknowledges B’s remark but then suddenly changes topic. The fact that A has compressed two sentences (‘its k’, ‘u no..’) into one entry, instead of following convention and separating them into two separate entries, shows her hurry to reassure B quickly so that she can get on with talking about what she wants to talk about.


B says:

Howww did it gooo

B lengthens sounds at the end of words to convey an interested tone, reassuring A that she should elaborate.


A says:

[…] n i discovered am realli rubbish

A’s use of the adverb of degree  ‘realli’ gives this phrase a jokey tone—this shows that A is not at all concerned about being ‘rubbish’. The sense of self-depreciating humour lessens the impression that she is showing off

so dominant in the conversation.


A says:

he goes parrswood

A misses out the preposition ‘to’ to establish a casual tone and a sense of shared culture, both with B and with ‘Zeb’, suggesting that she has things in common with them.


A says:

he’s sooo sweet tho

A is introducing the topic of what ‘Zeb’ is like rather than how she knew knew him. The adverb [of what?] ‘though’ is an attempt to change topic more smoothly but this still doesn’t quite work, and A’s utterance creates a sense of awkwardness as it is difficult of B to know what to reply.

A uses the adjectival phrase ‘sooo sweet’ to tell B what to think about ‘Zeb’. The lengthened ‘o’ in the adverb of degree ‘so’ adds emphasis and suggests a fond tone.


A says:

even ma sister liked him

B says:


A lessens the awkward tone by a joke, with the adverb of modality ‘even’ making it sound incredible that A’s ‘sister’ should like anyone; this exaggeration gives the utterance humour. B’s reply ‘Awwhh’ suggests amusement and functions as a reassuring noise. It suggests B still does not know what to reply but is reassuring A to be polite.


A says:

love u

A says:


B says:

Lovee u

B says:


This repetition of two utterances functions as a closer and affirms that each participant has a positive relationship with the other.






how was spain?!


heyy :)xx


had such a good time



i wanna know about the spanish boy on your profile;)


oh godd.. :)fran

hes like the nicest guy

too much to say over here

u seen the stuff he’s said?


i saw (L)(L) so i was gonna comment you like who’s the hotty but then that would be quite cringe when you/him saw it ahah!

i asked emily she was like ohh i dont know

i was like yeah sureee


what?i told her bowt him

well basically yehh we were just friends but then a lil more

and saw each other loadss

and he was so nice

and is fit!

and i miss him :(he gave me a necklace!lol



ahh spanish romance then


can u not get onto his profiel?



i will try 😛


haha no



he’s in my dp

but he looks silly cus his tongue is out or whatever


ohh i see

yeah he’s good..very tanned haha


but hes hotter than then in real life

haha yehh


you get with him then?


haha yeh 🙂

we were like a lil item, everyone knew it


awww..devode its long distance haha


yehh iknow

he may be coming in a month though

maybs not though..


is he not on the exchange?


no, but theres loads of spaces

and his teacher said he could come


ahh so why maybe not>


dad says no


ahh he probs can tell youre a bad influence 😉




joke haha new hannah would never be bad i’m sure!


Francesc Vallcorba wrote at 17:18
hannahhhh, i saw the photo:) ty
but, there is an error, i havent got any photo with youuu!!
i can not stay without you now
nd i can not forget you
i will send you some sms
xxxxoooo i adore you


ahahaha god he’s abit ott

but cute though ahhaa


Francesc Vallcorba wrote at 23:00
hannah, i am from psp, i will speak with you tomorrow.. i miss you.. xxxxoooo t quiero
Wall-to-Wall – Write on Francesc’s Wall

yehh but they dont learn english infromalyy

neither do i.. so thats why it sounds cheesy


lol, thats cute. is this on facebook?



have texts to



ahh well glad you had fun then!


🙂 had an amazing time

and the guys who went were amazing too


amazing like fran? 😉

sorry i ahve a bit of a one track mind haha



no the alty boys


ohh lawrence and them>




ahh mate i gtg but we need a proper catch up it sounds like!


lolll, 🙂 hasta lluego amiga xxx


okkkkayy no foreign with me

save it for fran



ahah means see u sooon


7:34pmHannah is offline.







heyyyy horlock!xxx


you alrright not seen you in a while!


i know as usuual! yeah i’m okay thanks how are youu?


gdgdd you??


yehhhhh im okay thanks


kayy what you been up too


out this weekendo?


one sec




yeah i’m out friday we’re going for a meal for annas birthday then going to town, then working sat night

are youu doing anything good

what do you do now guy

you’re like mr invisible


i know ive barely been out got id now thoo


ahh sick whose do you have?


my broos


about timeee. well annoying wish i had a permanant one i have to ask this girl for hers like every week i feel really guilty!


so you should she cant go out can she !

well harsh !!


no shes working!

but i still feel badd


well out of order

what if she want to go out after


haha she doesn’t care but I still feel harsh lol


im only messing


so are you out this weekenddd


yeah should be


doing what

so i know not to goo



you dnt actually have plans just waiting to see what i do !


haha yeahh that’s exactly what im doing


haha ermm

dnooo yet town maybe !


ahh go on friday


yeee probs

who out of your lot is going


i think like most of us, some cba though


fairr enough


you lot come with us lot because we never do anything together like both groups anymore!


i know your fault !\


i beg to differ mr stay at home for 2months!


point taken


okay text me nearer the weekend then horls im going to bed ive been awake too long


okay okay nutter !!!xxxx



Analysing the conversation


heyyyy horlock!xxx” – the use of nicknames shows familiarisation and the use of the colloquiallism reinforces the familiarity. The three x’s after the name are ungrammatical but a sign of friendship between the two speakers.

“gdgdd” – is a contraction which shows they’re in the same sort of social group and of the same age because they understand each other. It’s also much easier and quicker to type which shows they’re having a quick, flowing conversation.

“weekendo” – this is addition it shows the friendship between the two and it’s ungrammatical which shows informality.

“for annas birthday” – this phrase shows that they know each other well, by referring to people by their first name with no explanation of who they are. It shows they’re in the same group of friends.

“mr invisible” – this noun phrase is an inside joke between the two, showing informality and the ease at which they can joke with one another.

“ahh sick” – this is use of slang and shows they are in the same social group and same area/location. Slang is also informal and ungrammatical which makes them seem very comfortable talking to one another.

“but I still feel harsh lol” – the use of the acronym “lol” shows they are shortening the words so it’s quick and easy to type. Also the use of the “lol” at the end of this clause informs the other person that she is joking because tone doesn’t come across in instant messages.

“haha ermm” – the use of haha shows he has acknowledged the fun in what she had said. Also the use of “ermm” is a voiced hesitation, which is usually used in conversations. It shows guy is thinking and buys him more time to think about what he’s going to write, but still letting her know he’s there.









A                 hii

B                 hey

B                 howa u?

A                 gud

A                 my mum woz tlkin 2 urz declarative sentence, shows eagerness to be dominant in conversation

A                 th otha day

B                 oo kll lol

B                 wt u bin up 22 ?

A                 stuf  imprecise reference, shows unwillingness to pursue topic

A                 u no its annas b day 2 moz ‘u no’- discourse marker for topic change

A                 shes invited me 2 her party two short messages instead on one long one= method to evade interruption, make sure point is communicated

B                 yep yep bebo keeps sendin me messages bout it lol

B                 r u goin ?

A                 yes

A                 but its nt really a party

A                 u see, i dont think she has any schoolfriends ‘u see’- discourse marker again, similar dominant, even patronising tone, also adds sarcasm to following statement. 

B                 reli ? she has them in her sn ?

A                 really no punctuation e.g. question mark- shows lack of seriousness with which opposing opinion is treated

A                 wel its only me and Sophie whp wer invited  ‘only’- adverb of modality, shows dismissive attitude towards ‘anna’ and her party

B                 reli ? :S o :S wt is the party ? emoticons used to show confusion without explaining explicitly; paralinguistic feature peculiar to mode of conversation

A                 bowling

A                  i dont no

A                 wot dus it say in th sn? ‘sn’- abbreviation of ‘screen name’; shared knowledge of slang, also echoing B’s previous speech showing agreement, common vocabulary

B                 hmm

B                 i cnt find it

B                 but shes had mates in ti b4

A                 hmm

A                 wel u wud av thort theyd b invited 2 er bday party

B                 mayb shes havin like 2 bday partys like she did in 1st yr at senior skl ? out of skl m8s n in skl ?

A                 ye mayb

A                 but charlotte goes 2 her skl








Alexander-  “Smooth driver” -Quote Rashpal says:

Drove past u today ——– conversation starter, used to get attention of the other person

Alexander-  “Smooth driver” -Quote Rashpal says:

lol——- acronym for ‘laugh out loud’, shows informal relationship between the two people

Livin’ on A Prayer…… says:


Livin’ on A Prayer…… says:

yeah i missed you lol but nat pointed you out after you went past  an even acted out how much of a retard you looked pullin that face!! ——- lack of punctuation and grammar shows the informality of the conversation, which is typical of an msn conversation

Livin’ on A Prayer…… says:

hows life treating you anyhows ?>

Alexander-  “Smooth driver” -Quote Rashpal says:

reasonable sppose

Alexander-  “Smooth driver” -Quote Rashpal says:

i can’t complain

Alexander-  “Smooth driver” -Quote Rashpal says:

you? ——- this and the 2 responses above are typed separately  as an attempt for Alexander to keep control of the conversation, so he can continue his ‘turn’.

Livin’ on A Prayer…… says:

yyeh not too bad but just shit looads of work

Livin’ on A Prayer…… says:

and got double shift this weekend cos nat can’t work on sat so i am doing her shifts

Alexander-  “Smooth driver” -Quote Rashpal says:

haha, clean living girl!

Alexander-  “Smooth driver” -Quote Rashpal says:

quality—— informal language/ colloquialism shows that the 2 people in the conversation know each other and are comfortable with each other.

Alexander-  “Smooth driver” -Quote Rashpal says:

she is going out i presume?

Livin’ on A Prayer…… says:

she is working for parents but i guess probs out after

Livin’ on A Prayer…… says:

y you out this weekedn?

Alexander-  “Smooth driver” -Quote Rashpal says:


Alexander-  “Smooth driver” -Quote Rashpal says:

really taken to town tbh

Livin’ on A Prayer…… says:

lol we well need to sort out a date on when we are going with emily webb and people for a change!

Alexander-  “Smooth driver” -Quote Rashpal says:

na—— abbreviation of nah/no, shows lack of need for formal communication. Shows that ‘Alexander’ is listening and still involved in the conversation

Alexander-  “Smooth driver” -Quote Rashpal says:

can’t be bothered with the her haha

Livin’ on A Prayer…… says:

eeks yy?—— “eeks” is onomatopoeic, showing a concern from ‘livin on a prayer’

Alexander-  “Smooth driver” -Quote Rashpal says:

long story will explain when were out.

Alexander-  “Smooth driver” -Quote Rashpal says:

Anyway i menat to get an early night 2nite but hasn’t really worked out!! And i need to sleep,

Livin’ on A Prayer…… says:

sme on sleep lol—— has to clarify what they are replying too, because multiple topics are being discussed at the same time, due to the nature of msn (not being able to see when the other is talking, trying to change subject etc.)

Alexander-  “Smooth driver” -Quote Rashpal says:


Alexander-  “Smooth driver” -Quote Rashpal says:

take it easy then.  Night and see you soon I hope xxxxx

Livin’ on A Prayer…… says:

Yeah sme night xxxxx









daisy_ng_247@hotmail.com says:

sorry about before needed some conversation thing for englishX

sophie.c.kelly@hotmail.com says:

oh its ok haha
didnt not get it at all

daisy_ng_247@hotmail.com says:

iknow yeah didnt think uwould
u okay anyway

sophie.c.kelly@hotmail.com says:

yee but i just cnat do work!

daisy_ng_247@hotmail.com says:

same got 3 cwks for tommroow

sophie.c.kelly@hotmail.com says:

ive got one
but then mocks and stuff

daisy_ng_247@hotmail.com says:

really? so will i have them soon aswell??
kirst said u were looking for id, fine any?

sophie.c.kelly@hotmail.com says:

i dotn noo

daisy_ng_247@hotmail.com says:


sophie.c.kelly@hotmail.com says:

i dont no cos we are only doign them for psych

daisy_ng_247@hotmail.com says:

oh no i wasnt talking about that, i said kirst said u were looking for id did u find any

sophie.c.kelly@hotmail.com says:

ye i got somee

daisy_ng_247@hotmail.com says:

same girl from our school?

sophie.c.kelly@hotmail.com says:

girl from lymm
but it was annoying becaus ei asked her friend
and she said i coudl have it if i asked eh rmyself and it was abit awkward becasue i had never spoken to her!

daisy_ng_247@hotmail.com says:

who cares, as long as you got it haha
right im off see u inabit
have fun tomorrowxxx

sophie.c.kelly@hotmail.com says:

byeee xxx


‘u’ –  contraction. This is used as it is faster to type and makes the conversation move more swiftly.

‘really? so will i have them soon aswell?? kirst said u were looking for id, fine any?’ – topic shift. This shows two conversations to be occurring in one utterance due to the speed of the conversation, which means new topics have to be introduced more quickly.

‘sorry about before needed some conversation thing for english’ – ambiguity/prior knowledge. This shows that the two participants are familiar with each other and are friends etc.

‘haha’ – what would be pragmatics are typed to convey the idea of a spoken conversation, making it less formal and more friendly. This also shows that the participant understands the joke and is responding to it as they would normally do in a spoken conversation.

‘conversation thing’ – vagueness again makes the conversation more informal as it is more relaxed rather than very specific and regimented.

‘right’ – discourse marker. This makes the conversation seem more spontaneous and informal, like a spoken dialogue.

‘have fun tomorrow’ – closer – This shows the leaving participant to be taking an interest in the other participant in the conversation, so they are less offended, and again has ambiguity which shows that they are familiar with one another.

‘doign’ – mispelt, which shows the speed and spontaneity of the conversation.





francesca says:

ahoy sailor J

Xavier says:

Greetings J

Xavier says:

how are you feeling?

francesca says:

alrighht, traveling back was a bit of a schlepp but the house is unusually warm and mi madre has baked again J

francesca says:

out of character but much appreciated

Xavier says:

what did she bake?

francesca says:

lemon cake, with icing (H)

Xavier says:

sounds rather awesome

Xavier says:

I’ve had too much to eat

Xavier says:

it just seemed to wake me up

Xavier says:

and make me feel generally happy

Xavier says:

but now I feel full and a bit ill

francesca says:

more santa’s or more pancakes?

Xavier says:

I had the garlic bread

Xavier says:

not pancakes, my dad finished the mix for lunch

Xavier says:

this skins episode is awful

francesca says:

the one that revolves around the curly haired guy?


Xavier says:


Xavier says:

yeah that’s the one

Xavier says:

it’s really bad

Xavier says:

but I can’t stop watching

francesca says:


francesca says:

like when fat people wobble down the street :/

Xavier says:

exactly my thoughts

Xavier says:

the music is brilliant though

francesca says:

ahahh yes it is! It’s the only reason I kept watching it

Xavier says:

oh no JJay is going down the path of darkness!!

francesca says:





A says:

heylo sophie 🙂

B says:


A says:

how you?

B says:

im gud

B says:

how r u?

A says:

well, well

B says:

whats the plan for tomrorow?

A says:

um well it starts at 8 so i guess we should allow at least an hour for getting there etc

A says:

so i propose we meet at the met at 7. how does that sound?

B says:


A says:


B says:


B says:

n it was £15?

A says:


B says:

i see, ill bring u the money tomorrow thenn 🙂

B says:


B says:

how has your friday/saturday been then?

B says:

Fine thnakuu

B says:

bt a bit quiet

B says:

what bout yours?

A says:

quite good 🙂 i got my hair all cut off which was amusing

B says:

ooohh wwo

A says:

so its all short and funny now

B says:

i seeeee

B says:

i mite have to poke it when i see u

A says:

oh might you indeed

B says:

did u say C is coming tomorow too?

A says:

yarr i didd

B says:

yay :))

B says:

    twill b fun

A says:

    should bee

A says:

must go now im afraid, QI is calling me 🙂

B says:

seee youu tomrorow at 7 🙂 xxxxxx

A says:

shall update you via text if any changes/developments in the plan!! xxx

B says:

ok byebyeee

B says:







PERSON A says:

Hello xx

PERSON B says:

heyaa 🙂 🙂

PERSON A says:

Hiyyer xxx

PERSON B says:

lolll!! last night was fun fun!!! 🙂

PERSON A says:

Haha, i can’t really remember it all, Why were people making pasta?

PERSON B says:

because we were hungee and it tasted nice!!! 🙂

PERSON A says:

You didnt eat any pasta!

PERSON B  says:

i ate loads of pasta!!

PERSON A says:

You did not!!!

PERSON B says:

i did too!!

PERSON A says:

Omg u actaully didnt stop lying!

PERSON B says:

shut yerr face!!! 🙂

PERSON A says:

Have u asked ur rents aboot easter yet?x

PERSON B  says:

loll no not yettt x

PERSON B  says:

how long was it for again???

PERSON A says:

Like 3 or 4 days we’d just chill at some random hotel somewhere

PERSON B  says:

in the lake district??

PERSON A says:

Haha dno, maybe.  Somewhere crap like that.

PERSON A says:

Im gna try and get ma mum to book somewhere with a swimmin pool and a gym lol

PERSON A says:

that’d be allwhite

PERSON B  says:

oooh yeah please dooo 🙂

PERSON B  says:

but right which part of easter would it bee???

PERSON A says:


PERSON A says:


PERSON A says:

whenever suits you?



PERSON A says:

we cul.d have some massive easter egg hunt lol

PERSON B  says:

cause i couldnt do the first weekend bitt

PERSON B  says:

and yayy yeah!!!!!

PERSON B says:


PERSON B says:

lets lets

PERSON B  says:


PERSON A says:

 why can;t u do the first weekend bit!!

PERSON A says:


PERSON B  says:


PERSON B  says:

because im fetching my sisteryyy

PERSON B says:

and dont oii me!! 🙂






02/09/2008 18:09:32 BITCH   Heather                 heyyy 🙂

02/09/2008 18:09:46 Heather               BITCH                       thats a nice picture

02/09/2008 18:10:25 BITCH   Heather                 thanks 🙂

02/09/2008 18:10:30 BITCH   Heather                 im well excited

02/09/2008 18:10:36 BITCH   Heather                 does exploreres start or sunday ?

02/09/2008 18:11:58 Heather               BITCH                       i think so

02/09/2008 18:12:05 Heather               BITCH                       excited for what ?

02/09/2008 18:12:44 BITCH   Heather                 everything

02/09/2008 18:12:45 BITCH   Heather                 lol

02/09/2008 18:12:48 BITCH   Heather                 explorers

02/09/2008 18:12:49 BITCH   Heather                 and umm

02/09/2008 18:12:54 BITCH   Heather                 school a

02/09/2008 18:12:57 BITCH   Heather                 and christmas

02/09/2008 18:12:58 BITCH   Heather                 🙂

02/09/2008 18:13:09 BITCH   Heather                 anddd i have 2 talk to you about ady too

02/09/2008 18:13:14 Heather               BITCH                       go on

02/09/2008 18:13:24 BITCH   Heather                 ohh noo i want 2 speak 2 u 2 ure face !!

02/09/2008 18:13:40 BITCH   Heather                 you want 2 come 2 mine one afternoon this week like after college ?

02/09/2008 18:13:57 Heather               BITCH                       yep thats good

02/09/2008 18:14:44 Heather               BITCH                       ye we need to start seeing each other more !!!

02/09/2008 18:15:27 BITCH   Heather                 so tell me

02/09/2008 18:15:32 BITCH   Heather                 arrange an afternoon

02/09/2008 18:15:38 BITCH   Heather                 and i shall reserve u 🙂

02/09/2008 18:16:09 Heather               BITCH                       thusday ?

02/09/2008 18:17:45 BITCH   Heather                 yes ! thursday come round for dinner okay ? shall we say around 6 ?

02/09/2008 18:18:08 Heather               BITCH                       yep that sounds good , i will just go and ask my mum

02/09/2008 18:18:55 BITCH   Heather                 kk 🙂

02/09/2008 18:20:26 Heather               BITCH                       yep thats fine 🙂 thursday it is then 🙂

02/09/2008 18:20:35 BITCH   Heather                 yesss 🙂 cant wait !

02/09/2008 18:20:42 BITCH   Heather                 im going to write it in my diary 🙂

02/09/2008 18:20:42 Heather               BITCH                       same :):):):)

02/09/2008 18:20:46 Heather               BITCH                       ok

02/09/2008 18:20:52 Heather               BITCH                       i dont have one lol

02/09/2008 18:21:55 Heather               BITCH                       im listening to run lol the song

02/09/2008 18:23:22 BITCH   Heather                 awww i lovethat song !

02/09/2008 18:23:32 Heather               BITCH                       same

02/09/2008 18:24:24 BITCH   Heather                 im going to get ome music on

02/09/2008 18:24:42 Heather               BITCH                       gd idea

02/09/2008 18:26:16 BITCH   Heather                 🙂 LEONA 🙂

02/09/2008 18:27:02 Heather               BITCH                       yeeeeee

02/09/2008 18:27:13 Heather               BITCH                       i listened to footprints in the sand before

02/09/2008 18:27:59 BITCH   Heather                 yehh thatwill be next stop 🙂

02/09/2008 18:28:05 BITCH   Heather                 im just going through all her songs

02/09/2008 18:28:09 Heather               BITCH                       lol

02/09/2008 18:28:22 Heather               BITCH                       christmas camp is going to be sooo fun

02/09/2008 18:28:25 Heather               BITCH                       :):):):

02/09/2008 18:28:31 BITCH   Heather                 i know im well excited

02/09/2008 18:28:43 BITCH   Heather                 ill burn a load of CD’s so we can listen 2 leona

02/09/2008 18:28:52 BITCH   Heather                 oh anddd laura might be joining exploreres 🙂

02/09/2008 18:29:07 Heather               BITCH                       aww cool

02/09/2008 18:29:39 BITCH   Heather                 you’ll like her 🙂

02/09/2008 18:29:51 Heather               BITCH                       gdgd

02/09/2008 18:29:53 Heather               BITCH                       🙂

02/09/2008 18:30:19 BITCH   Heather                 lol and i cant wait 4 nofire night

02/09/2008 18:30:22 BITCH   Heather                 bonfire*

02/09/2008 18:30:41 Heather               BITCH                       yeee thats gd with explores tooooo

02/09/2008 18:31:51 BITCH   Heather                 i knoww 🙂 and for some reason im even excited for program planning 😉

02/09/2008 18:32:44 Heather               BITCH                       ye , coz i feel i can say somert now and not feel stupid

02/09/2008 18:32:58 Heather               BITCH                       and i feel like we get along with dave more if you get me

02/09/2008 18:33:35 BITCH   Heather                 yeahh 😀 i think once i actually just was myself around him that was enough 🙂 but he is disappearing 😦 just as we were begininng to like him !! and yeahh 🙂 i know what u mean

02/09/2008 18:33:58 Heather               BITCH                       i know ye its not fair 😦

02/09/2008 18:34:15 Heather               BITCH                       i think im actually going to miss him , without sounding wierd

02/09/2008 18:34:38 BITCH   Heather                 lol i am too

02/09/2008 18:34:41 BITCH   Heather                 its not weird

02/09/2008 18:34:50 Heather               BITCH                       ok 🙂

02/09/2008 18:34:51 BITCH   Heather                 im sure we cab all get used 2 ure dave crush 🙂

02/09/2008 18:35:05 Heather               BITCH                       ha bee no way

02/09/2008 18:35:35 BITCH   Heather                 lol suresure hev

02/09/2008 18:35:39 BITCH   Heather                 ill keep ita secret

02/09/2008 18:35:42 BITCH   Heather                 😉

02/09/2008 18:35:51 Heather               BITCH                       errrr nooo

02/09/2008 18:36:14 BITCH   Heather                 dont worrrry about it i always preferred a bit of tim but if daves ure sort

02/09/2008 18:36:41 Heather               BITCH                       hahaha TIM

02/09/2008 18:37:19 BITCH   Heather                 😀 (L)

02/09/2008 18:38:49 Heather               BITCH                       what ever floats your boat

02/09/2008 18:39:13 BITCH   Heather                 haha or sinks it 😉

02/09/2008 18:42:21 Heather               BITCH                       do you start 6th form tomoz ?

02/09/2008 18:43:00 BITCH   Heather                 yehhh

02/09/2008 18:43:05 BITCH   Heather                 dyo startcollege ?

02/09/2008 18:43:11 Heather               BITCH                       yep 🙂

02/09/2008 18:43:45 BITCH   Heather                 ahh im a bit excited !

02/09/2008 18:43:56 Heather               BITCH                       same , i want to see everyone again

02/09/2008 18:44:11 BITCH   Heather                 ha same

02/09/2008 18:44:17 BITCH   Heather                 i made friends with grace btw

02/09/2008 18:44:21 BITCH   Heather                 but no one else really

02/09/2008 18:44:23 Heather               BITCH                       gdgd , 😀

02/09/2008 18:44:27 Heather               BITCH                       awww , you will do

02/09/2008 18:44:33 BITCH   Heather                 and ive properly fallen out with adam we had a huge argument

02/09/2008 18:44:37 BITCH   Heather                 but he was a nob so

02/09/2008 18:44:43 BITCH   Heather                 ive left that im mad at him !

02/09/2008 18:45:08 Heather               BITCH                       i hope your ok though

02/09/2008 18:45:23 BITCH   Heather                 yeah i am

02/09/2008 18:45:26 BITCH   Heather                 im good

02/09/2008 18:45:28 BITCH   Heather                 im happy !]

02/09/2008 18:45:46 BITCH   Heather                 ive made friends properly with tam and laura and all my old friends again like properly

02/09/2008 18:45:47 BITCH   Heather                 and

02/09/2008 18:45:49 Heather               BITCH                       :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

02/09/2008 18:45:54 Heather               BITCH                       awww

02/09/2008 18:46:06 BITCH   Heather                 im friends with Ady 🙂 which we have 2 talk about ;p

02/09/2008 18:46:18 Heather               BITCH                       thats gd coz they were prpa good friends , and like i said , you cant get rid of ME 😀

02/09/2008 18:46:30 BITCH   Heather                 i know

02/09/2008 18:46:33 BITCH   Heather                 and i dont want 2 !

02/09/2008 18:46:42 BITCH   Heather                 were gonna be goood 🙂

02/09/2008 18:46:50 Heather               BITCH                       yey 🙂

02/09/2008 18:47:09 Heather               BITCH                       i would say you were a bit more than friends with him

02/09/2008 18:47:16 Heather               BITCH                       😉

02/09/2008 18:47:48 BITCH   Heather                 well thats part of our chat 🙂

02/09/2008 18:48:05 Heather               BITCH                       i thought it would be

02/09/2008 18:49:23 BITCH   Heather                 haha ! and then were 2 chat about u and ure crush on dave k ? 🙂

02/09/2008 18:49:40 Heather               BITCH                       errrr NOOOOOOOOOOO

02/09/2008 18:50:40 BITCH   Heather                 haha or just about boys in general then ??! !

02/09/2008 18:50:54 Heather               BITCH                       ye that sounds much better

02/09/2008 18:51:36 BITCH   Heather                 haha kk 🙂 and school ( i mean ahem college 🙂 ) anddddd stuff !

02/09/2008 18:51:48 Heather               BITCH                       yeee

02/09/2008 18:51:59 Heather               BITCH                       and how bored i would be of it already

02/09/2008 18:52:29 BITCH   Heather                 haha you ??

02/09/2008 18:52:43 Heather               BITCH                       ?

02/09/2008 18:53:02 BITCH   Heather                 soz wrong thing !

02/09/2008 18:53:13 BITCH   Heather                 and u think ud be bored already ??!

02/09/2008 18:53:16 BITCH   Heather                 2 days hev !

02/09/2008 18:55:41 Heather               BITCH                       ye lol

02/09/2008 18:56:00 BITCH   Heather                 lol 🙂

02/09/2008 18:58:27 BITCH   Heather                 wat are u going 2 wear ?

02/09/2008 18:58:55 Heather               BITCH                       to collage ?

02/09/2008 18:59:03 BITCH   Heather                 yeahh 🙂

02/09/2008 19:05:34 BITCH   Heather                 ?

02/09/2008 19:05:51 Heather               BITCH                       anything

02/09/2008 19:06:44 BITCH   Heather                 ohkayy

02/09/2008 19:06:46 BITCH   Heather                 🙂

02/09/2008 19:08:13 BITCH   Heather                 off for teaa speak soon 🙂








A: hey x


B: helloooo

u alright?


A: ye thanks you?


B: not bad at allllll

you bin up 2 much not spoke 2 u in a while


A: erm not too much went to that reunion thing last week. where were you lol?

and i went out in knutsford last nite which was alrite wat bout you?


B: did nt wna go lolll

i went to the pub in the afternoon then went to gemmas after she gt bk

friday night went 2 wilmslow had a an amaaaazin night then last night was on a chilled one


A: niceee one x


B: what u doin 2day>


A: not sure yet mite be goin cinema laterr

wat bout you?


B: seein gemma

dont know what wer doint hough

where did u go in knutsford?


A: moda


B: iv heard of tht


i love goin to bigtime places


A: no its not posh lol i kno you do!

but it was alrite x

got much planned for over the hols?


B: how do u know i do??

i dont have hols L

but il be goin out yeh defiantly


A: coz you always tell me like wat famous people were in like 161 n stuff

oh ye forgot bout that

well im off now but hopefully see you soon xxxxxx


B: definatly

let me know where ur out in the hols

speak 2 you soooooon xxxx


A: ye i will do you too xx


B: safeeeeeeee






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  1. Neo Gold said, on July 31, 2010 at 1:49 pm

    Very different and interestng.

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